We carry:

Helmets: 187, Protec, Kanoa Flyaway

Knees and Elbows: 187, Smith, Pro Design, Bullet

Wrist: 187, Smith, Pro Design

Youth Pre-packs (L, M, S, Jr): 187, Smith

Knee Recaps for: 187 Pro kneepads

Helmet Reliners for: Protec and 187 helmets

Knee Gaskets and Hip Pads are also available.....

Kanoa® Surf has brought back the Flyaway®
They are all custom built by hand one by one and are unique.

These helmets have the best fit, best ventilation, best padding, and the best strap,
All superior to anything else in the market.
The Flyaway® is the only skate helmet today made of carbon fiber,
with a D ring strap closure system, just like the finest motorsports helmets

Photos shown are just examples of helmets sold in the past....... please come in to see the current selection.