Mission Statement

Rip City opened its doors in 1978 as the modern era of Skateboarding was beginning......  trying to establish itself as a legitimate sport…….thankfully, that effort failed. Today, as always, skateboarding is an expression of the individual.  As boards have evolved over the decades, we have tried to keep to core products from manufacturers who consider quality over mass produced crap.

Being a small, family owned shop, overhead is low and our prices reflect it.
Stop by to check out the collection of vintage boards on our walls and ceiling or to just talk to one of the characters behind the counter........

Items we carry in stock most of the time (other items which tend to be seasonal or occasionally are not listed, so please inquire):
New School decks
Pool / Retro decks
Santa Monica Airlines, Creature, Krooked, Anti-Hero, Real, Enjoi, Almost, Darkstar, Girl, Chocolate, Baker, Deathwish, Element, Plan B, Welcome, Nullity, Dogtown, Hosoi, ATM Click, Mini-Logo
Santa Monica Airlines, Dogtown, Powell Peralta, Alva, Hosoi, Sims, Tunnel, Welcome, Z-flex, Skate Design
Arbor, Loaded, Santa Monica Airlines,
Dogtown, Tunnel, Palisades, Sims
Dogtown, Arbor, Santa Monica Airlines, Tunnel, Alva, Skate Design, Skater-Made, Santa Cruz, Sims, Zip Zinger, Z-Flex, Penny
Independent, Thunder, Venture, Theeves, Tensor, Royal, Paris, Randall, Carver, Ace
Spitfire, Bones, ATF, OJ, Tunnel, Orangatang, Powell Peralta, These, Kryptonics, Ricta, Acid, , Tunnel, Dogtown, Girl, Chocolate, Element, Baker
Hardgood Accessories
Protection / Softgoods Accessories
Bearings (Bones, Swissfire, Mini-Logo),
Bushings (Khiro, Bones, Doh-Doh),
Rails (Powell, Vision),
Bolts: Shorties, Khiro
187, Smith, Pro-tec, S-One, Pro-Design, Triple 8, Kanoa® Flyaway,
Backpacks (Independent, Alien Workshop, Girl, Chocolate, Stussy, Baker, Spitfire),
Stussy, Santa Monica Arlines, Dogtown, Powell Peralta, Independent, Creature, Baker, Shake Junt, Enjoi, Spitfire, Anti-Hero, Krooked, NRC
Nike SB

Rip City Skates
2709 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Mon - Fri:
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